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May 30, 2020

In 2020 we decided to finally fill the gap we always searched for in medical resources.

We, like most medical students, thrived in the test questions about diseases we’d seen in practice, even if it was concerning a rare disease. As for the other diseases, the available resources were great to make us understand them, but not to remember them.

Then it started our interest in memory and how it works. We read books on the subject, we experimented ourselves, and the path of how to keep information inside started to become clearer.

We usually don’t spend too much time trying to understand our minds, and that’s why we fail when we try to commit something to memory. We don’t know how it works.

In a 2-minute-memory-crash-course, our memory excels in remembering things in especially 2 ways: spatial memory and emotional link. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Our brain must have a way to sort through information and classify it as something you should remember or not. After all, there’s no reason why you should remember what you had for lunch for the past month.

So the brain does that by analyzing your emotions, in order to see what you really care about and commit it to memory. Besides, it does that by linking it to a spatial visualizable way. You might not remember what you saw in last week’s class, but you probably do remember where you were sitting.

After learning all that, we figured we should try rewatching some of those medical tv shows we watched when we were teens. They did present cases in a way you cared. But the medically inaccurate parts are really annoying if you understand real medicine.

And that’s when we came up with The Medical Novel. A medically accurate story that is a treat to your brain and the way it likes to retain information! When you’re tired of textbooks, you can give a break to read a chapter and not feel guilty about it!

We write for you and for us. For a world with better doctors.

Clara Lopes Machado

Marina Lopes Machado


  1. Que lindas! Sou fã! Parabéns! Vão passar de primeira!

  2. So proud of you 2!!!! 💗💗💗💗


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